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Bloodborne: How to Get the Impurity Rune


Bloodborne: How to Get the Impurity Rune

The League of Extraordinary Hunters.

Part of the Bloodborne update that was released in anticipation for the upcoming expansion, The Old Hunters, was the League. This is a covenant you can join which allows you to recruit NPCs to assist you in battle and rewards you for helping others in multiplayer.

Joining the League grants you the Impurity Caryll Rune, and it is needed in order to use the League or to earn reputation within it. In order to actually equip it, you’ll need to have unlocked the Rune Workshop Tool (it’s located in the small room behind where you fight the Witch of Hewick in Hemwick Charnel Lane).

If you’re wondering where to find Valtr, head to the very first lantern of the Forbidden Woods. The hut to your right is the shortcut that leads you deeper. (You should have unlocked this already as you played. If you haven’t, you’ll need to take the long way around.) Valtr can be found standing inside where you can approach and talk to him. Just say you want to join the League and the Rune is yours.

The Impurity Rune grants an extra 2% max health when you’re playing co-op (useful since your health is cut down when playing online) and it allows you to receive Vermin. This item is crushed to help you gain more status within the League.

So, there you have it, you’re now a full-fledged member of the League and you have the rune to prove it. Get out there and defeat the monsters infesting the world of Bloodborne.

Are you putting the League to good use? Helping out your fellow Hunters? Let us know in the comments below.

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