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How to Get The Destiny: TTK Secret Exotic – Black Spindle Step by Step


How to Get The Destiny: TTK Secret Exotic – Black Spindle Step by Step

Well this was unexpected. Today Bungie decided to include a secret mission within their normally dry Daily Heroic Story Missions in Destiny: The Taken King. The Black Spindle, an exotic Sniper rifle with 310 damage, can be obtained today during the heroic version of the TTK mission, “Lost to Light”.

Fans of the Black Hammer from Destiny’s first mini-expansion, The Dark Below, will definitely want to complete this one. Essentially, Black Spindle is an exotic version of the classic Crota’s End raid weapon, Black Hammer. It retains the same perks of Mulligan and White Nail AKA the returned ammo from the reserve for rapidly landing precision hits. However, it’s not as easy as just completing Lost to Light, you’ll actually have to go off the mission track and complete a set of side objectives to get Black Spindle. Let’s break it down step by step.

  1. Grab two of your buddies and head into today’s (9/23/15) Daily Heroic Story Mission: Chamber of Night. The mission itself isn’t very hard but you’re going to need to clear a large number of Taken as quickly as possible in order to complete the secret objective and get Black Spindle
  2. Run through the mission normally WITHOUT dying. If you die before reaching the secret door you need to go through it will not open for you. Be careful!
  3. When you begin your escape, don’t go through and complete it, instead dash over to the area where you can board Tanik’s ship during the House of Wolves strike, The Shadow Thief. If you didn’t die, you should have no problem entering that area (the door will be open) and boarding Taniks’ ship via the portal.
  4. Proceed like you would as if you were doing The Shadow Thief normally and you’ll find that his ship is swarming with Taken. You have 10 minutes to clear the ship of Taken. Run through this as quickly as you can until you reach the boss area of The Shadow Thief where Taniks normally is.
  5. Instead of Taniks, a Taken Ultra, Driviks the Chosen. Take him and his lackeys down before the 10 minute timer. If you are successful, Black Spindle will drop at the end of the mission.
  6. Enjoy your Black Hammer 2.0 AKA Black Spindle!

Destiny: The Taken King fans: Did you complete this special mission? Let us know in the comments!

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