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Destiny TTK- How To Unlock and Beat Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike


Destiny TTK- How To Unlock and Beat Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike

Giant Enemy Shank

How To Unlock the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike and Pre-fight Preparations

You’ve punted Oryx back into his hole and now you want a different challenge? With Destiny: The Taken King there shall be plenty of them. One of the many challenges come in the form of Strikes. Luckily, in Destiny: The Taken King there three new ones (four if you’re on PS4!) but today we’ll be covering the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike located on the Cosmodrome.

First and foremost what you need to do with your Guardian is to complete all of TTK’s campaign missions. This will roughly take you around three to five hours to finish. Take your time though, the story in this content is much improved.

Once you’re finished with the campaign, head back to the Tower and talk to Commander Zavala to pick up the quest “A Cry For Help”. This quest will send you and your Fireteam to stop the Fallen on Earth from gaining control of Rasputin.

Your team will land on the Forgotten Shores, and you’ll be instructed to defend a Warsat from orbit. Here your Guardians will face waves of Fallen enemies such as Dregs, Captains, and of course numerous Shanks. You will have to hold position at the Warsat for 3:25 before your Ghost downloads the codes from Rasputin.

The best way to survive the onslaught is to make sure all of your teammates are covered. You will be swarmed with arc firepower not only from the enemies on the ground but also from the Fallen dropships overhead. Stay behind cover and use your super abilities and grenades as often as possible.

After your Ghost obtains the codes from Rasputin’s Warsat, hop on your sparrow. You don’t have to travel far for the next part, right over the canyon and walk through the newly unlocked doors. Here’s where it gets interesting.

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