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MGS V: How to Extract All Conservation Animals


MGS V: How to Extract All Conservation Animals

Gotta extract ’em all!

Among the slew of different activities you can partake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there’s animal collecting. No, it’s not some sick, realistic Pokemon. It’s actually for a good cause and will yield you some GMP if you manage to capture the animals to cultivate your Mother Base’s Conservation platform.

While a lot can be Fulton’d away, you’re going to want to research the Capture Cage to handle the smaller animals that you’ll cross paths with. These are simply set and forgotten until you return to Mother Base or finish a mission and can check out what your Intel team managed to bring home. But remember to have your tranquilizer gun handy because you never know what rare find you’ll be able to snag with the Fulton.

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