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Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to be Successful When Bounty Hunting


Elite: Dangerous Guide – How to be Successful When Bounty Hunting

Got a hankering for Bounty Hunting in Elite: Dangerous? Then look no further than this guide to get you started.

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Bounty Hunting in Elite: Dangerous

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Elite: Dangerous has a wealth of options for the aspiring commander. The plight of traders and miners is one that’s well known in Frontier’s space simulator, and yet the adventures of those who enforce law across the vast emptiness of space are often forgotten. Which is something of a shame because in Elite: Dangerous, bounty hunting is one of the most active and enjoyable paths to forge through the Milky Way.

The rewards are nothing short of wonderful. Sometimes you’ll only get around 1000CR for a kill, other times a couple of minutes of spirited combat can lead to tens of thousands of delicious credits.  Even the thrill of the chase is nothing short of a riveting experience, well worth the adrenaline rush. It’s certainly cheaper than trying to arrange a safari holiday on Mars, especially  in this economic climate.

Elite: Dangerous‘ bounty hunting isn’t all smiles and fun-times, though. You’ll not find many friends out in the Milky Way when you spend your days keeping one eye on their Wanted status. Would you eat with someone who was checking your internet history and then using it to slap you in the face? Didn’t think so. In Elite: Dangerous, factions will take a disliking to hearing someone has killed one of their members. You’ll more often than not find yourself making enemies of states rather than friends.

If you don’t care about possibly losing friendship status with a faction because you’ve got a fat wallet full of Elite: Dangerous‘ credit currency, then bounty hunting is definitely the way to go. Time to channel your inner Boba/Dog/Lockdown and hunt your way to some serious bounty.

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