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GTA V Assassinations for Stock Returns Guide


GTA V Assassinations for Stock Returns Guide

During GTA V, Franklin is offered a handful of assassination missions- 5 if we’re being exact. These 5 missions don’t just give you the opportunity to dip into a fun bit of gameplay. They can be incredibly lucrative ventures when exploited to make humongous financial gains in Los Santos. It can even be used to get the funds of characters into the billions by using the substantial amount of cash thrown at you at the climax of the story-line.

These assassination missions are exclusively played out between Franklin and Lester, denoted by an L on the map. While the Lifeinvader assassination is an important stepping stone through GTA V it doesn’t have a massive effect on stocks that can grant a return. To make the most of these tips you will have to be pretty quick (around 2 days of in-game time) as stocks, like in real life, will quickly move up and down. Since you’ll be playing as Franklin the best way to advance time to a point of high return is to return to his bed and enter the save menu but don’t save. This nudges time forwards by 6 hours.

The Hotel Assassination

Before you even dip into the assassination invest in BettaPharmaceuticals[BET] on the BAWSAQ. Do it across all three characters for a huge return for everyone but even if you forget and only use Franklin there’s plenty of money to be made.

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Head over to the waypoint and do the dirty. After you’ve done your sniping or explosive business, sell the stock you just bought in BettaPharmaceuticals for a speedy return of around 80%. With one of the higher ups pushing up the daisies, the stock price of Bilkington will start tanking. Don’t jump the gun and buy quickly though. Let the stock price drop off using the ol’ 6 hours passing trick and then buy up as much stock as you can (again, across all characters if you’re feeling incredibly entrepreneurial). You’ll find the stocks listed under [BIL] on the LCN exchange. Now to play the waiting game.

The stocks of [BIL] take about a week to return to a higher level so use that week. Don’t go do anything stupid but just sort of mess around. Or laze your ass off for a week in Franklin’s new house whichever takes your fancy. Keep checking back until you see the prices are much higher than they were before. They should have returned to pre-assassination levels by the end of this week. Sell them all off and pat yourself on the back because not only have you just made a shitload of money, you’ve taken your first step to making even more incredible amounts of cash in GTA V.

Note: At this point it could be advised to go and complete the story in order to get upwards of $40 million per character. This is without a doubt the best way to step towards being a GTA V billionaire but even without that, there’s still a tonne of money to be made.

The Redwood Cigarette Assassination

There’s money to be made in selling little white cancer sticks both in real life and in GTA V. The packets are always warning you that cigarettes themselves can cause death. No warning seems to be given to the CEOs who find themselves in your sights for this next assassination which leads to big money returns.

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Just like the Hotel Assassination before, make sure you buy stocks in the competitor first. Your target works for Redwood whose direct rival comes in the form of Debonaire Cigarettes. Follow the same course of action as during the Hotel Assassination and buy up stock in Debonaire cigarettes (under [DEB] on the LCN) prior to assassinating the target as they will see a similar 80% boost. As soon as your target bites the dust, sell off whatever you have in [DEB] and invest in Redwood who show up as [RWC] on the LCN.

This takes about 48 hours for [RWC] to kick back into gear so get ready to spend some more time doing the sleep to pass 6 hours and you’ll see a huge 300% return on your investment. Two days of in-game time with GTA V can triple your money. Not bad eh? It is actually the highest stock rebound you’re likely to see during GTA V. Anyway, this isn’t the end of the profiteering through assassination.

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