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Don’t Starve: How to Survive the First Month


Don’t Starve: How to Survive the First Month

Don’t Starve is an interesting beast of a game. It takes mundane survival basics like making a fire and turns them into a compelling aspect of gameplay. Even the rather smelly task of following herds of Beefalo to pick up their glorious dung isn’t nearly as dull – or stomach churning – as it sounds. So in honor of the Don’t Starve Giants Edition, here is a quick set of five beginner tips for Don’t Starve to teach you how to survive the first month.

How to Survive The First Month in Don’t Starve

Collect All The Things

how to survive first month don't starve

A survival game wouldn’t be a survival game without collecting stuff to help in survival so you can, you know, survive and stuff. Thankfully when you first fall into the world there’s plenty of resources scattered around to help your first few days go a little less deadlier.

As long as you avoid selecting the Reign of Giants DLC when starting your game, the surrounding area will be brimming with necessities. Saplings form the plate for tools like axes and picks while flint provides the meal.

Flowers can be used to restore health from unexpected conflict or made into a Garland which staves off insanity for a few days. Forests can be cut down to stumps in order to fuel early base-building. Even the pretty little butterflies can be sliced in twain to provide a tasty snack.

Make sure to harvest those berry bushes as well. A rather large and cowardly turkey-like creature called the Gobbler hides within them, devouring the berries that could be yours before running off to the next bush.

Of course you can kill it for its drumsticks but frankly, its so damn fast that early game this can be a waste of valuable time.

Speaking of time…

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