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Top 15 Best Don’t Starve Mods


Top 15 Best Don’t Starve Mods

Essential mods you definitely need to try.

The Moar Save Slots mod is one mod that all owners should use. Don’t Starve has a meager five save slots as standard, which makes trying out other characters across different worlds pretty difficult. Moar Save Slots doesn’t affect gameplay in any way, it simply allows you to have three or four times the amount of saves. Highly recommended.

The Minimap mod is a super useful addition. As standard, players have to constantly tab into the full map to check their location, but the minimap keeps you oriented by always representing exactly where you are during gameplay. It’s extremely useful when navigating in the dark, too.

Wormhole Marks highlights discovered wormholes on your map, color coordinating them so that you can see where each one goes. However, it won’t do this until you’ve actually jumped in, so don’t worry about it being cheap in that sense. This especially useful if you play multiple characters in different worlds, which can be pretty testing on the memory.

The Geometric Placement mods gives you a stack of different options to customize, but its most useful feature is the grid overlay when building, which allows you to space objects accurately. What this means is that you can pack built and planted objects tightly together, maximizing how much you can fit. You can also align everything to make it nice and pretty.

Combined Status displays health, temperature, hunger, sanity, world day etc. There’s a ton of options to configure here, allowing you to really hone exactly what you want on the HUD, even removing things according to preference. Combined status does give you a lot of info you are not technically supposed to know, but it does make the experience much more accessible. It’s particularly useful if you’re jumping into a game you haven’t played for a long time.

Display Food Values is another mod that gives you additional useful information. Values such as rotting and expiration date, sanity values for a given piece of food, and other useful figures. This is a perfect mod for beginners.

SmartCrockPot tells you exactly what you are making whenever items are placed into the crockpot. Again, this is information not normally available in Don’t Starve, but rather than constantly referencing wiki pages, you’ll now have all the recipes in-game to refer to. Essential.

The Extended Map Icons mod adds more icons to the map, and generally just makes Don’t Starve much more accessible. It includes all the mobs, basic tools, flowers, gold nuggets, rocks, flints. You’ll find yourself spending much less time trying to remember what certain things are/do.

This cool little Don’t Starve mod adds a cute Lil House for Wilson to build. Lil Houses have Heat and AC, but they also come with refuelable lanterns hanging on the front porches. Lil Houses also function as a shelter.

Additional Equipment adds dozens of new items and equipment to Don’t Starve, such as various coats, bats, horns, swords, and helmets. If you’re looking for more useful equipment to deepen the gameplay experience, definitely check this one out.

Lighter Logs is a small and simple mod that allows logs, gold, spider glands, lureplant bulbs, manure, guano, spider eggs, living logs, boards, cut stone, rope, honeycombs and all foods to stack up to 40. Essentially, you’ll find yourself having to endure far less back-tracking, and gameplay is generally sped up as a result.

Koalefanta Proboscidea gives you 6 more new Koalefants you can discover in your lands by following their footprints. Each are different in appearance and in personality. They’re stronger in health, and though they give you less meat than standard Koalefanta, they drop other unique items and resources.

Those with a sweet tooth will love the Chocolate+ mod, which adds Cacao seeds, trees, fruit, and chocolate to the game. You can cook up several different ice-cream, cookie, and milk recipes for a special treat.

Fancy some more outlandish campfires? Don’t worry, Deluxe Campfires has you covered, adding grand and somewhat whimsical campfire animations to fire up your playthrough.

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