Super Mario Odyssey Rated E10+ Making it Most Mature Mario Game Ever

Super Mario Odyssey

Mature Mario.

Mario will blast back onto the 3D platformer scene with Super Mario Odyssey, the title that will bring back the open world structure of titles like Mario 64 and Sunshine. We have already been teased with looks at the game’s many inventive and colorful levels, but something more sinister may be hiding beneath this joyful facade.

According to My Nintendo News, Super Mario Odyssey will receive an E10+ rating, making it the most mature game in the plumber’s history. There are no details yet on why it received this rating, but it is likely little more than cartoon violence. Mario can inhabit the bodies of other creatures by throwing his hat at them, taking advantage other their weapons and forms to unleash attacks he hasn’t been able to up to this point. Mario storming through levels as a T-Rex could be a pretty dramatic image.

We won’t know for sure until the game releases but we don’t have long to wait. Super Mario Odyssey Releases on October 27 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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