Exotic Engrams Can Drop in Destiny 2 During Regular Play; No Three of Coins Needed

destiny 2, exotic

Such great rewards.

Destiny 2 is right on the horizon with its PS4 and Xbox One release set for Sept. 6, and Guardians around the world are chomping at the bit for new information (present company included). Luckily, we had the chance to check out the European Dead Zone (EDZ), which is earth’s open world portion of Destiny 2. One of the bits of information that came out of that demo involved Engrams.

Destiny 2 will be a rewarding game, much more so than its predecessor. Players can get rewarded for just about everything while exploring the EDZ. What really came as a surprise, though, was the fact that some of those rewards included Exotic Engrams. Yup, while just roaming the open world and doing patrols, Lost Sectors, Public Events (including Heroic versions), and Adventures, Exotic Engrams would occasionally drop.

Now it’s not entirely clear what exotics are on the loot table for engrams. It could be like Three of Coins exotic engrams which have set drops. It is known that, just like in the first Destiny, some weapons will be locked behind quests, forcing players to earn their power. But it’s still interesting to know that they can drop without the help of any special coins or consumables simply by playing the game.


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