Black The Fall Releases Today, Launch Trailer Showcases Its Dystopian World

Rage against the communist machine.

Dystopian puzzle-platformer Black The Fall released today, available on PS4 and PC. The Square Enix Collective made the announcement in tandem with a launch trailer showcasing the game’s oppressive communist setting.

Black The Fall plunges players into a deeply atmospheric communist dystopia, in which they must solve a series of puzzles to survive in a world determined to keep them trapped in the system. Played out in a striking environment, the game’s lead ‘Black’ intends to escape; sneaking through numerous stages past cameras trained on his every step as he tries to escape the system that is keeping him and his fellow citizens enslaved.

Cristian Diaconescu, Creative Director at the Bucharest-based Sand Sailor Studio explains:

“With Black The Fall we really want to capture the feeling of what it was like to live in the communist state, and have been inspired by the first-hand experiences of our families. The world Black lives in might be fictional, but the system trying to beat him down is as bleak and oppressive as it has been in many countries around the world,”.

Twinfinite’s Tom Hopkins reviewed Black The Fall, praising its unique puzzle mechanics and superb story-telling.

Check out the launch trailer below:


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