Sony Trademarks Shadow of The Colossus Ahead of Tonight’s E3 Conference

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Is this Team Ico’s next project?

Update: A Shadow of The Colossus remake for PS4 was revealed at Sony’s E3 2017 conference.

Just hours before tonight’s E3 press conference, Sony has trademarked Shadow of the Colossus and several other titles. The discovery alludes to a potential remake of the beloved and critically acclaimed PS2 title from Team Ico.

In addition to registering Shadow of the Colossus, Sony has also trademarked Bravo TeamFranticsThe Inpatient, and Knowledge is Power.

Only yesterday a NeoGAF user claimed he had heard from a source that a Shadow of the Colossus remake is in development and was to be announced at this year’s conference. Given that the game was only fairly recently remastered for PS3, it seems plausible that the game could be a full remake.

Is this the next project for Fumito Ueda and Team Ico following the acclaimed PS4 exclusive The Last Guardian? We’ll find out later today whether that is, indeed, the case.



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