The Evil Within 2’s Extended Gameplay Trailer Comes With Even More Spooks and Horrors

The more you know!

Bethesda, you’re so sneaky. Quietly during E3, a new gameplay trailer for The Evil Within 2 was posted onto Bethesda’s official YouTube channel. Excited to play The Evil Within 2? To be scared and jumped on and witness grotesque sights to fuel your nightmares for days to come? Of course, you are.

In case you missed the reveal on-stage at E3, The Evil Within 2 has new plans for Sebastian this time around. After finding some proof that his daughter Lily may still be alive, Detective Sebastian Castellanos will have to pull himself out of a very low, dark place and reenter the hellish realm of STEM. Fans of The Evil Within, and of horror in general, will be able to experience the continuation of the detective’s story, as well as an onslaught of deadly monsters, in-your-face action, and psychological terrors as you battle literal and metaphorical demons.

If you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC, you will be able to own the game this year. The date is very fitting actually, arriving on Friday, October the 13th. Don’t tell Jason you plan to spend the day with another man if you are going to be picking up The Evil Within 2 on release day. After all, you’re already going to have plenty of murderous forces chasing you down if you follow Sebastian into his newest adventure.

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