Unseen64 Uncovers the Canceled Game That Was ‘Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme’

sonic the hedgehog

Did this turn into Sonic Riders?

Unseen 64 covers all types of cancelled, unreleased games that never saw the light of day. Liam Robertson’s newest video uncovers the skateboarding Sonic the Hedgehog game that never was. The video details the development of a prototype  titled Sonic The Hedgehog Extreme. Sonic Extreme was developed by Vision Scape Interactive, and was originally developed without SEGA’s consent.

The project started around 2002 and was heavily inspired by the developers previous titles that they had worked on. They wanted to use the models from Sonic Heroes and use the characters in the hover-boarding prototype. There were mission modes, racing modes, and music from Sonic Adventure 2. The team sat down with Sega to show them the project and ultimately, Sega ended communications with them about the game and moved on to make Sonic Riders on their own. Vision Scape believed that the premise of Riders was strikingly similar to the pitch that was presented two years earlier by Vision Scape.

You can watch Liam’s video on Sonic Extreme right here:


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