Sony States That Playstation VR Is Back in Stock at Most Retailers in the U.S. and Canada

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New Farpoint TV spot too!

PlayStation VR has been in high demand since it launched late last year. Sony has been trying their hardest to make sure everyone who wants to jump into virtual reality has the ability to. The company has announced via the official PlayStation Blog that they have successfully put PS VR back in stock at most retail stores across the United States and Canada. If you have had trouble in the past trying to get your hands on a headset, now is the time to check again at your local stores.

PlayStation has also released a brand-new TV spot for their upcoming VR game, Farpoint. It’s part of the company’s “Two Worlds” campaign for PlayStation VR and shows just how much Farpoint immerses you into that world. If Farpoint doesn’t interest you, there are numerous games coming to PS VR in the coming months that will surely appeal to any type of player:

Interested in Farpoint and PS VR? You can check out the new advertisement right here:


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