Nintendo Has Also Discontinued the Famicom Mini — but Only Temporarily

famicom classic mini discontinued

The NES Classic Edition is still permanently canceled, unfortunately.

Following its announcement yesterday that it was permanently ending production on the extremely popular NES Classic Edition console, Nintendo has also revealed that it’s ending Famicom Classic Mini production. The difference, however, is that the Japanese version of the miniature console will apparently get a resurrection at some point.

“Production of this product is ending temporarily,” reads a Kotaku translation of Famitsu’s report on the situation. “When manufacturing resumes, we will provide information at another time on this homepage.”

Like the NES Classic Edition, the Famicom Classic Mini comes packed with 30 games from Nintendo’s debut home games console from the 1980s. Also like the NES Classic Edition, the Famicom Classic Mini has enjoyed major sales success, moving 262,961 units in its first four days on the market and crossing over 300,000 sales in its initial two weeks of availability. By Christmas 2016, the Japanese retro console had sold 567,000 units.

Converse to its Famicom Classic Mini strategy, Nintendo has stated that the NES Classic Edition “wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product” and will never be re-entering production.


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