This Limited Edition Nathan Drake Statue Can Be Pre-Ordered Today

Shut up and take my money

If you are wanting more Uncharted in your life, then look no further than this 20 inch Nathan Drake statue licensed by Naughty Dog and Sony. This statue is modeled after Nathan Drake doing one of his leaping takedowns on an enemy solider. This Nathan Drake statue is meant to commemorate his last adventure that took place in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

This statue is only available for pre-order and can be purchased for $350 from the Playstation Gear store. If you do want to buy it, you must be quick as there are only 1,500 units for sale worldwide. Keep in mind, if you do buy one, they won’t be shipped out until around May of this year and even then the ship date is subject to change. Whatever the cost, it will be worth it to keep the memories of all of our Uncharted adventures alive.

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