Horizon Zero Dawn’s Watcher Tours Amsterdam, Enchants and Confuses Civilians

Horizon Zero Dawn

It sees you….

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy comes across many robotic beasts across her journey. One of the most common will be the Watcher, basically a robot guard dog that alerts other machines to your presence if they spot you. Somehow, the folks at Guerrilla Games managed to Override one just long enough to get it to be a part of their staff and take it on a tour around Amsterdam. Their studio is located in the city’s “cultural heart,” so why not, right?

With the help of a chaperone, the Watcher tours the city and examines all of it with its watchful gaze. Some are amused, others are just incredibly confused at what’s happening before their eyes. But either way, none of them have apparently played Horizon Zero Dawn, because if they had, they would’ve hid when its light turned yellow. The guy in the costume definitely gets the mannerisms of the creature down pat, so there’s that. The video also serves as a recruitment drive for Guerrilla Games, as they’re currently hiring, likely for the game’s upcoming story DLC. To apply, just click here.

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