There’s a Questionably Intended Dark Knight Easter Egg in Mass Effect Andromeda

The Dark Knight, Easter egg, Mass Effect: Andromeda

Intentional or coincidental?

Reddit user Mazorr was venturing around the desert world of Elaaden in Mass Effect Andromeda when they happened to glance upward and notice a familiar sight for fans of The Dark Knight trilogy.

Looks like a Dark Knight easter egg made it into Mass Effect Andromeda, or did it? The upwards view of the buildings of Elaaden defiantly look similar to the 2012 poster of the Batman film, but it’s just teetering on the edge between intentional or questionably coincidental.

The dark knight, mass effect Andromeda, Easter egg

Arguments for both sides have broken out on the Reddit thread. One user states, “It looks too perfect to be a coincidence” while another says, “I’d say it’s a coincidence but a damn cool one”.

What do you think? Is it a fun easter egg from Bioware or just a well spotted mistake? Let us know down below!


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