Playstation UK’s Twitter Has Gone Upside Down in Honor of Gravity Rush 2

The PlayStation Twitter got flipped, turned upside down.

The PlayStation UK’s Twitter has been flipped upside down in honor of Gravity Rush 2’s release. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of the Gravity Rush series, players are able to alter and manipulate gravity to navigate throughout the game. The PlayStation UK’s Twitter seems to have also gone against the laws of gravity as everything from their bio to their profile picture, has been flipped for the Gravity Rush 2 release.

The PlayStation UK is the only PlayStation region account to make this change, but it is still a nice tease for fans awaiting the release. Gravity Rush 2 will be released exclusively for the PS4 starting Jan 18 in Australia and Europe, Jan 19 in Japan, and Jan 20 in the UK and North America. You can check out our review for Gravity Rush 2 here.

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