League of Legends Updated Champion Says Heroes Always Die, Mercy

Warwick has beef.

Riot Games revealed today the latest champion rework coming to League of Legends, a total thematic and kit overhaul for their classic jungler, Warwick. While the once-werewolf’s lore got more metallurgic and way more gruesome, he also seems to have a quip for Overwatch’s Mercy.

SkinSpotlights has compiled all of Warwick’s new voice lines in the video below. If you head to around 27 seconds, you’ll hear him snarl, “Heroes always die.” Not too strange among his other, murderous sayings, the line seems to be a direct response to Mercy’s famous quote, “Heroes never die.”

All in all, we’re with Warwick on this one. Case in point, in the picture above, he’s wearing the skin of a beloved manatee champion he once slaughtered.

Warwick’s kit is just as fervish as his new voice lines, still focusing on healing and hunting, but now with much more intensity. You can take a look at all his new abilities and updated splash arts over here.

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