Choose the Next Heroes to Be in Fire Emblem Heroes by Casting Your Vote

May the best hero win!

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a Choose Your Legends event that will let fans like you vote on which characters will be in the upcoming mobile game as event characters. The event is live now and you can cast your vote at any time. The event ends and voting will close Tuesday, Jan 31 at 9:59 PM PST. Even if your favorite character does not get picked to be in the game, there are incentives for casting your vote.

Anyone who participated in the event will receive free digital wallpapers that will distributed through Twitter. If you have a Nintendo account, you can receive 200 Platinum Points for your My Nintendo account. Points will be transfer through email after the end of the even and you will only receive points on the first ballot cast. You can cast your vote at the official Chose Your Legends Event website. Good luck heroes!

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