Pokémon Sun and Moon Version Exclusives Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Includes alternate forms

Players on Reddit, who have access to Pokémon Sun and Moon before release, have revealed a list of version exclusive Pokémon.

Lycanroc, a wolf-like Pokémon, is split into two forms: midday and midnight. The former is a Sun exclusive, and the latter is a Moon exclusive. Here is the chart from Reddit:

pokemon sun and moon

Passimian, which looks a bit like a gibbon, is an exclusive to sun, while Moon users will get Oranguru, a spaced-out, orangutan-looking fellow. The Alolan forms are an interesting division, as Moon will receive the Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash, an Ice / Steel type, while Sun will receive Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails.

pokemon sun and moon

It’s worth noting that Exeggutor has nothing to do with this; he just turned up for the photo, and he knows that

The UB-02 Ultra Beast forms are interesting entries. These are mysterious, humanoid-looking Pokémon. Little is known about them, but check the official website here for a look at both UB-01 and UB-02 as they have been revealed. For UB-02, as you can see, the expansion form is exclusive to Sun, while the Beauty form is exclusive to Moon. Solgaleo and Lunala are the two legendaries, with Solgaleo a Sun exclusive, and Lunala a Moon exclusive.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch in just over a week’s time on Nov. 18.

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