Overwatch: Get a First Look at Sombra’s Los Muertos and Cyberspace Skins

BlizzCon 2016 saw the long-long-long awaited reveal of Sombra, Overwatch’s next hero. We got some insight into her backstory and abilities, but during a panel with the Overwatch team later in the day, we also saw her first skins.

One of her legendary skin imagines a young Sombra as a member of Los Muertos, a revolutionary group that formed after Mexico was left devastated by the Omnic Crisis. This design, the team says, takes her in an even more audacious direction.


Sombra’s other skin is a cyber concept, which the team says is meant to double down on the cyber-suit concept they enjoyed so much. In other words, she’s covered in metal and really blue.

Overwatch Sombra Skin

What do you think of these two new skins for Sombra? What other kind of skins would you like to see come wtih the character? Leave a comment below and let us know. For more on Overwatch and BlizzCon 2016, check out the stories below:


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