Silicon Valley Star Thomas Middleditch Will Be a Blizzcon 2016 Host

Lets see how fast he can middle-out Blizzcon

Emmy nominated, Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch, will be Blizzcon’s Friday night contest host. Middleditch will be hosting this year’s Costume, Talent, Art, and Movie contests. Middleditch is a great fit as he is an avid gamer, comedian and even runs a Twich Streaming channel that benefits the Sierra Club.

Blizzcon 2016’s contest night starts Nov 4 and can be viewed by Blizzcon 2016 virtual ticket holders. Virtual tickets also entail buyers to exclusive in-game content along with access to the closing ceremony.  Virtual tickets are 39.99 and can be purchased here. All of the Blizzcon footage, including the Overwatch World Cup can be streamed on Blizzcon’s official website.

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