Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Is a Romantic Comedy Rated 1/Blueberry, According to Its New Trailer

sonic boom fire and ice

This Fall, find love in all the wrong places.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice released a month ago, but SEGA hopes you didn’t forget that it’s really all about the power of love.

In a new parody trailer, appropriately titled “An Unexpected Trailer,” SEGA presents its latest romantic comedy, a tale of action, suspense, and “finding love in all the wrong places.” Who’s in love? We’re not sure. It looks like Doctor Eggman and a robot, but SEGA assures us this Sonic Boom will have you heating things up and breaking the ice.

The early critic reviews seem to be in as well. NGI gives the game an 11/10, saying, “Tons of water.” The Triternal also seems pleased, adding to their 1/Blueberry score, “Great movie. I wish I knew how to play it.”

“I always asked for this,” says Bionic Superstar Jadam Enson.

While Sonic and Deus Ex continue their own love fest, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is available now on the Nintendo 3DS. You can check out our review here, and catch the Sonic Boom television show streaming exclusively on Hulu.

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