Sony Reveals New PlayStation Camera and Wireless Headset, Take a Look

The PlayStation Meeting was held today, and with new gameplay on display along with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 Pro, it’s easy to gloss over any other Sony related news. Turns out there were some hardware announcements that didn’t make it to the main stage.

Not only did the PlayStation camera get a redesign, but the Sony headset known as the Gold Wireless has received an upgrade in the form of the Platinum Wireless. We don’t know the specs for the newer camera, besides its updated look, though it may sport updates in line with the launch of PlayStation VR.

There are some notable differences between the new and old headsets and Sony’s official PlayStation Facebook notes the updated model will feature an extended battery life and noise canceling, as well as compatibility with PlayStation VR with the use of an 3.5 mm audio jack.

The Platinum Wireless headset will be released this holiday for $154 according to the Facebook page, and the camera is set to come out Sept. 15 for $59 according to a report by Polygon.

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