Overwatch Characters Get Drawn as Adorable Dogs You’ll Want to Pet Forever

The Overwatch fandom loves to reimagine the large cast of characters. In just a few short months, the fandom has managed to get creative with the 22 heroes. They’ve been reimagined as cats and drawn in the style of famous video game mascots, and now they’ve been drawn as dogs. And yes, Roverwatch is absolutely adorable, courtesy of freelance artist Lily Nishita.

tracer overwatch dogmei overwatch dog McCree Overwatch Dog widowmaker overwatch dog

Yes, they’re perfect in every way, from having the dogs fit the nationalities of the characters down to the little touches, such as McCree’s prosthetic paw and Tracer’s speed trail. Speaking of the cowboy, attention has to be drawn to what has to be the greatest dog-related pun you could come up with in this instance.

It’s so awesome, that even the official Overwatch Twitter gave her kudos.

While Nishita probably isn’t going to draw every Overwatch character as a dog, there is one she’s very keen on drawing, and that’s, you guessed it…Sombra.

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