Master Chief is in Every Xbox One S, and Not Metaphorically


He did say “wake me when you need me…”

So you’ve popped open your brand new Xbox One S and are enjoying it, yeah? Aren’t you just grateful to have that 2 TB hard drive? Well, if you ever get the nerve to bust it open (not literally, it’s just an expression), you should know that Master Chief, the protagonist of a little series called Halo, is inside of it.

No really, he totally is inside there. A video from YouTuber Austin Evans shows the iconic Spartan is just lying in wait on your new system, in the optical disc bracket. Check it out below. If you wanna skip to the good part, it’s at the 1:12 mark.

If you’ve got an urge to find the Master Chief for yourself (sadly without his BFF Cortana, though given the circumstances of their last meetup, it’s totally understandable), iFixit has a guide for how to open your Xbox One S safely and find him. Happy deconstructing!

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