God of War 4 Won’t Have Mini-Games, Isn’t 100 Hours, Will be as Action-Packed as Ever

god of war

The team is “mixing it all up” this time around.

Sony Santa Monica Creative Director Cory Barlog has been answering some fan questions about God of War 4, many of them about gameplay, game length, and features that may or may not be coming to the title.

First up, the new God of War won’t have any mini-games, as previous entries did. Barlog says the team is “mixing it all up” this time around, a mindset visible in the game’s new over-the-shoulder camera and Kratos’ cuddly, paternal attitude. He also disbanded rumors that the game is titled God of War: A New Beginning, a name that appeared on YouTube recently.

When asked whether the game would have 100 hours of gameplay, as some have speculated, Barlog said no. “I hope to make it as long and action packed as humanly possible,” he said, adding that it will be as action-packed as previous games, rather than a more hands-off cinematic experience. Later on, when asked if the game would feature lots of on-screen enemies and “sequences that make our hands sweat,” Barlog responded, “oh hell yes.”

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