CBS News Tries to Talk About Pokemon GO, Creates Exorcist Bulbasaur Instead

Pokemon GO is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s certainly a hit, uniting Pokefans across the globe in the hunt to claim famous landmarks as team territory, and of course, to catch the rarest Pokemon of the original 151. Nintendo has made the killer app, so its no surprise that its picking up steam and being covered by major news networks. You’d think this would be a good thing, but uh, this one’s a little messy. I think they need to hire a new animator…

CBS jumped on the bandwagon and sent a reporter to Central Park to chat about the AR used in the game and explain it to the folks at home, but they used some incredibly unfortunate graphics in the making of the video.  I’ll warn you now, the way your favorite Pokemon are depicted in the video might keep you awake tonight. I’m really NOT joking about that.

My poor childhood. Please excuse me whilst I burn Bulbasaur’s Exorcist impression from my mind.

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