The Witcher 3 Celebrates its First Birthday With a Character-Filled Card

witcher 3

Happy birthday!

It’s been a full year since CD Projekt RED released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to universal acclaim. Everyone who’s played it has loved it, enjoying the deep story and fun combat (the free DLC and letter to the fans doesn’t hurt either). To celebrate, CDPR has put out this birthday card filled with the various characters and creatures from the game.

Of course, a birthday requires some celebration, which gamers were quick to take part of.

Perhaps fittingly, it’s been a big week for fans of The Witcher 3. There’s been the…interesting insight into the sex scenes from the writers. The end of the month will see the release of the second and final expansion, Blood and Wine, and the studio has released a trailer showing off the region of Toussaint. Even though it’s the final expansion, it’s unlikely that this’ll be the last we see of Geralt of Rivia.

Happy birthday, Witcher 3! Celebrate with some cake!

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