Horizon Zero Dawn Posters are Already in LA Preparing for E3

horizon zero dawn, e3

It’s coming.

E3 is three weeks away, and Sony’s already deciding to make their presence known. One game they’re showing off is Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn, and posters for the game are already showing up in LA.

The enemy shown, the “Thunderjaw”, looks like the enemy seen at the end of the E3 footage last year. Horizon takes place in a future where machines have risen up and taken over the world. As Aloy, one of the last humans on the planet, players will have to fight the Thunderjaw and other mechanical beasts, ranging from small wolf-like creatures to a giant bird. Yeah, it’s gonna be one crazy ride.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes to the PS4 this year. Possibly, if it hasn’t been delayed. But it’ll definitely be at E3 in a few weeks!

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