Drake the Rapper is on a Mountain Watching Uncharted 4’s Drake the Thief

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A Drake within a Drake to reveal another Drake.

Last night saw the surprising release of Canadian musician Drake’s new album Views, which a lot of people have said nothing but great things about. There have been a lot of memes about it after less than a day of release, but someone went and made one where Drake is a tiny little man able to sit on anything. The folks over at PlayStation UK decided to use this meme to have the rapper watch Uncharted 4’s hero Nathan Drake, who is…watching something. Who cares, it’s meta as hell. A Drake watching a Drake shall forever be known as Drakeception.

Props to the PS UK team for taking the time to make this. That being said, it’s totally more than likely that Uncharted 4 is going to have the Hotline Bling as a Taunt or something from one of the music videos from Views when it hits the PS4 on May 10. It’s definitely going to happen, just you watch.

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