Rocket League Community Member in Dire Circumstances as the Community Rallies to His Side

The Rocket League community did a great thing today

Stephen “Shalthis” Perry, one of the great personalities of Rocket League’s eSports scene suffered a massive stroke and is currently in the ICU. He is in stable condition, but still cannot breathe on his own. His wife Amy is reaching out the the community for help paying the staggering amount of medical bills that are accruing. She has created a gofundme page for her husband with a $10,000 goal.

After multiple shares and the help of the community and support from Psyonix, the $10,000 goal was reached in just 20 hours. The page is currently at over $12,000 from over a hundred generous donors. Amy has expressed her gratitude and is very thankful for the all the love and support she has received from the community.

The original goal has been met, but the page is still open for donations to further support the Perry family during this difficult time. You can read the full story and make a donation on the gofundme page.

Stephen still has a long road to recovery and he will remain in our thoughts and in our hearts for the entire time. Get well soon, we wish you and your family all the best.

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