League of Legends Is Getting Dark Souls-Inspired Skins with Radically Different Splash Art

Kayle, Singed, and Nocturne are all going gothic. The League of Legends trio is getting Dark Souls-inspired skins and a splash unlike anything Riot’s done before.

The shared splash is already up on the PBE, featuring Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Revenant Nocturne, and Black Scourge Singed. The art stands far from League of Legends’ typical 3D splashes, going for a more painting-come-to-life style. You can check out the group splash and individual loading screen slices below.

Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Revenant Nocturne, and Black Scourge Singed league of legends splash art skins


According to Senior Skins QA Analyst RiotNurseFlan, the skins are inspired by a gothic horror theme and Dark Souls. Riot Draggles chimed in to say the team was inspired by many gothic novels, games, art and music, and “also full face masks are creepy.”

Let us know what you think of Riot’s daring new splash art. If you’re looking for more League of Legends creations, check out our tour through Riot’s Riftwalk display at PAX East 2016, or this collection of fantastic LoL cosplay.

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