Fanmade Doom Video Wants You to Have a Bloody, Hip Thrusting Good Time

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‘Cause I’m having a good tiiiiiime~

This past weekend saw the Closed Beta for id Software’s Doom, and aside from looking really good, there was a lot of blood shed, both demon and human. What could make that any better, you ask? How about a video showing off all that bloody glory? Straight from YouTube user Seismic White and set to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by legendary band Queen (which you’ve probably heard in the trailer for that new movie Hardcore Henry), it’s hard not to sing along with this.

Violence is all well and fun, especially when it looks good as this. What certainly helps is Freddie Mercury’s pleasant voice and among all the gory killing going on here. Plus, c’mon, it’s got hip thrusting. Space marine hip thrusting. How often do you see that as an option in a game? We can all agree that Destiny and the Halo games could use some hip thrusting from time to time.

Doom murders its way to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13. Have you been playing the beta? Let us know how it is in the comments below.

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