Stardew Valley: How to Get Clay

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Stardew Valley is a country life RPG where you’ll be farming, harvesting, fishing, and generally doing a lot of nature stuff. Within the game, there are many resources that you can use for crafting various items. Some are just aesthetic, others actually can help you to grow your farm in certain ways with tools. Clay is a valuable resource that you can use to make a variety of different items. The Silo, Keg, and¬†Quality Retaining Soil all require Clay in order to craft, for example.

It’s not easily found within the world, however. In order to get clay, you’ll need to till the ground with a hoe. You can till anywhere from your farm to the beach (and it’s advised that you do because clay is found most while tilling there). The mines are also a good place for finding clay. Worm patches, which look like little plots of land where three worms are vibing on top of, sticking out of the ground, are particularly good for getting clay. The next time you stumble across one of these, till there with your hoe and you might get some clay in return.

Additionally, if you find a geode and take it over to the blacksmith in the southeast part of Pelican, there’s a chance clay can be what you’re left with once his job is done. There you have it, though! That’s how you find this precious resource in Stardew Valley.

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