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How to Get the Ornate Necklace in Stardew Valley & What it Does

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Stardew Valley might be a game about farming, but the social connections you can make are one of the biggest features in the game. Giving gifts is a great way to harbor these friendships, and sometimes the game gives you a push to help you on your way. Here’s how to get the ornate necklace in Stardew Valley and what you can do with it.

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How Do You Get the Ornate Necklace in Stardew Valley?

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Unfortunately, the ornate necklace isn’t an item that can be found by simply going to a set location, but you have to complete a few prerequisites. To get the ornate necklace, you first have to find Secret Note #25, which can only be found after you’ve started the “A Winter Mystery” quest in winter. One this quest is active, you can begin collecting secret notes from places like fishing, fighting monsters or digging up artifact spots.

After you’ve collected Secret Note #25, go to the water that’s right outside the bath house and fish in it to get the ornate necklace. This will only work in the spring, summer and fall, so don’t bother trying it in the winter.

What Do You Do With the Ornate Necklace in Stardew Valley?

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Once you get the ornate necklace, you can actually only gift it to Caroline or Abigail, unlike other items that you can give to anyone you want. The secret note implies that because it says, “I ‘borrowed’ a necklace from Mom, but lost it somewhere near the bath house… She’s going to freak out if she notices it’s missing!” The only mother-daughter duo in the game is Caroline and Abigail, so this serves as your clue for who to give it to.

If you give the necklace to Caroline, you’ll be rewarded with 50 friendship points with her as she’ll be happy to have her necklace back. On the other hand, you can give the necklace to Abigail for 100 friendship points with her, as she can return the necklace unnoticed.

That’s all there is to know about how to get the ornate necklace in Stardew Valley. You can choose to give it to either Caroline or Abigail, but Abigail will appreciate it twice as much as her mother, so keep that in mind. For more Stardew Valley Guides, check out some of the links below.

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