Far Cry Primal’s Fire is So Deadly, It Makes Animals Jump Off Cliffs

far cry primal, cosplay

Drama queen.

Fire sucks, right? Like, that’s nothing that really needs to be justified, it just totally sucks if you’re not Wolverine or the Human Torch. In video games, it’s both your enemy and your ally, able to clear out enemies almost instantly (and you, if you’re close enough). The same deal applies more or less with Far Cry Primal; when it’s being used against you, it sucks, but when you’re the one in control, you’re basically God during these prehistoric times.

Any sensible creature would recoil away from fire, and sure enough, that’s what gamer Tom Francis found that this one mountain lion did. Granted, he does it in the most dramatic manner possible, but that just makes it all the more funnier.

Probably the most dramatic way to escape getting burned that’s ever been recorded in history. But it gets the job done for cavemen, so whatever works, right? Still, if we had to judge the fall itself…8.7. The jumping off wasn’t entirely perfect, and the landing didn’t stick as perfectly as it could’ve. Better luck next Olympics.

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