Spyro the Dragon Recreated in Unreal Engine is So Gorgeous

Please let this become a real thing…

Insomniac’s Spyro the Dragon games were pretty great looking back in the day, and they still hold up today. But that didn’t stop IamMurloc from recreating the game’s opening level in Unreal Engine 4, and it looks gorgeous. It’s still a work in progress–Murloc points out that “the sky is still too dark, clouded and blue compared to the original” and “grass color is overall too bright”–but it’s still a fine work to be sure. You can check out the screenshots below.

When you’re done gawking at those photos, you should also watch this video of Spyro’s Artisans Homeworld recreated in Unreal by Jamie Shilvock.

Not saying this would be the perfect time for a Spyro the Dragon remake, just that it would be the perfect time. Oh man, imagine what Fireworks Factory from Spyro 3 would look like in Unreal 4…

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