Fat Princess Adventures Gets New Map and Difficulty Mode in Update

fat princress adventures

Let us eat cake!

Fat Princess Adventures fans will be pleased to learn that a new update for the game will be released today that adds a new map, difficulty mode, and level cap to the game for free.

Announced on the Official PlayStation Blog, the update will add a new difficulty for story mode. The new difficulty, called “This Means War!” is designed to give players a serious challenge. You can play online in multiplayer or go it alone. To help lone players, the level cap has also been increased to 30.

The new map being added to arena mode is located in the Salt Mountains and players can take on waves of enemies to get sweet loot and cake.

Some purchasable DLC has also been released called the Back and Badder Loot Pack. This pack gives players new gear, such as the Archer’s Boomstick and the Warrior’s Wargod’s Armor. It also contains new cosmetics for your character.

Gem packs can now also be purchased for if you want to upgrade your items without the grind.

Fat Princess Adventures is available now on the PlayStation Store for the PS4.

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