Don’t Worry, This Twitter Account Will Keep You Posted on Fallout 5

Fallout 5 is coming. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But one day it will happen.

Every second until the fated fifth entry arrives, @IsFO5OutYet will be there, reporting from the frontlines. Standing watch at all hours, so that you may sleep well at night.

Updates began, of course, two days after Fallout 4’s release

And continued every few days afterwards.

This is serious, so every tweet ends with a passive aggressive period.

Even this festive Christmas update.

Variety is not the spice of life when you’re waiting for Fallout 5.

Except on November 15, 2015

And then never again



We salute you, Is FO5 Out Yet

is fallout 5 out yet watch night's watch

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