Did You Know There’s a Gaming Dating Show on Twitch Called Fireside and Chill?

Hearthstone Holiday Event

Love knows no bounds.

We’ve all heard of the phrase “Netflix and Chill,” a lowkey (or sometimes very obvious) hint that you want someone to come over to watch a movie without really watching the movie. It’s probably not the best use of your subscription, but the rewards are usually worth it. Usually. Now, Twitch is following in the footsteps of that now misused phrase, sort of, with Fireside and Chill.

The stream is a dating show of sorts from the lovely folks at eSports Arena. How it goes is two people sit on a couch and stream a game on Twitch (usually Hearthstone) while going on a date. It’s kinda sweet and kinda awkward as they ask each other questions, game, and joke around. Not every date has to be dinner and a movie, they can just be chilling on the couch and playing some games.

Just make sure to close the comments tab once you get on Twitch, because yeesh.

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