These Destiny Shaders Matched with Bird Species are What Darwin Would Have Wanted

Destiny’s color shaders, as you probably already knew, are perfect tools for recreating the vast and majestic patterns of the world’s nearly 10,000 unique bird species. Such is the mission of @destinyborbs, a Twitter account bringing Destiny the ornithological accuracy it’s lacked for too long.

The account matches various shaders with the bird species they specifically reflect, because there is nature in everything. It is what Charles Darwin wanted for us.

Take a look at some of the shader-bird pairings below.

Destinyborbs is hard at work doing more Destiny field work, but you can check their Twitter page for continuing updates.

In other news, Destiny is set to get an update tomorrow, Feb. 9, bringing massive changes to special ammo in PvP.

Bungie has also reportedly been asking players why they’ve stopped playing Destiny, perhaps because players are getting excited for another shared-world shooter, The Division.

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