First Gen Pokémon Re-Releases Won’t Make Use of Basic Virtual Console Features


Looks like your going to have to stick with saves.

Serebii.net, a popular Pokémon fan site, has read through the manual for the upcoming Virtual Console re-release of the original Pokémon games, and has uncovered some interesting tidbits. Most notably, they found out that the games will be missing out on some basic Virtual Console features.

One of the main things that the manual revealed is that players won’t be able to create restore points while playing these games. Usually, while playing any Virtual Console title, players can create restore points at any time which they can later reload to. This means that the first gen Pokémon games will be the first Virtual Console titles not to include this feature. Also, the games won’t be using the 3DS’s save backup feature.

The reason for this could be because the first gen Pokémon titles already include a save feature. However, Serebii.net notes that these features could have been removed to prevent players from cloning Pokémon .

The manual also revealed that players won’t be able to use the Virtual Console menu or the Home menu while battling or trading with other players. According to the manual, when players enter the Cable Club, a new menu will appear on the touch screen. This new menu will allow players to connect to players and search for other players.

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