Grand Theft Auto Borrows Drake’s Hotline Bling in This Parody Music Video

Grand Theft Auto

“I can’t bowl right now, I’m too busy with this cow.”

With the addition of new modding tools, Grand Theft Auto players have made some very impressive short films and music videos. A few fans have collaborated to recreate Drake’s  video for “Hotline Bling” as accurately as possible. The “Bowling Bling” video puts all of the awkward dancing of the original to a parody song about the annoying relationship feature in GTA 4.

This video is a collaboration between singer Sonny Evans, lyric writer Gtamen, and GTA Series Videos, who created the video. Using a combination of mods and the Rockstar Editor included in Grand Theft Auto V, this video shows Niko Bellic awkwardly dancing with a few characters from the game. And a cow.

The Rockstar Editor has mostly been used to make movie parodies and action sequences since its introduction. But seeing one of the game’s stoic killers grind against a cow and complain about bowling is easily the best use of the feature yet.


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