Skydiver Plays Video Games at Terminal Velocity for Nvidia Promotion

The new Nvidia Shield was probably meant to be used not while hurdling towards Earth’s surface at terminal velocity. That didn’t stop Nvidia from launching the product, along with an  entire living room and a stunt man, from a plane and filming the results.

In a new promotion for the Shield, professional skydiver and stunt man Jeff Provenzano falls from 10,000 feet, strapped into a cozy couch. He enjoys some of the Shield’s 4K streaming and cloud gaming abilities on the way down, as well as our planet’s atmosphere rushing past his face at max speed.

At 1:24, the tuba finally says “f*ck this” and disengages, and Provenzano follows, parachuting gently to the ground. The living room, and we expect the tuba, crashes to the ground and does all the great bursting into bits you’d expect. The stunt man wraps by lifting the Android box in victory: “RULE THE LIVING ROOM.”

You can check out the Nvidia Shield on their product page and purchase it now for $199.99.

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