How to Recruit Barrett in Starfield
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How to Recruit Barrett in Starfield

Another reliable companion.

At the beginning of Starfield, you will encounter a man named Barrett, who’s searching for a piece of Artifact for the Constellation. Unfortunately, you will get separated not long after, and you must head over to New Atlantis to join the exploration group. However, there’s a way for you to recruit this funny yet capable man to become your companion.

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When You Can Recruit Barrett in Starfield

In order to recruit Barrett, you must complete the Back to Vectera quest, which only becomes available after you finish the prologue and The Old Neighborhood Constellation missions. You will need to go back to Argos Extractors and speak to Supervisor Lin. She will tell you that Heller and Barret have gone missing, and you must fix a computer terminal to find their location.

Once you get the data, you can give it to Lin, and she’ll give you their coordinates. At this point, you can recruit Lin as a crew, and she’ll board your ship if you’ve enough space.

The coordinates will lead you to Dalvik, where you will find wounded Heller on a crashed ship. Like Supervisor Lin, you can also invite him to join your spaceship as one of your crews.

Heller will give you another transmission, and it will lead you to the Bessel III planet in the Bessel system. You must head over to the Crimson Fleet’s camp and enter the building where the pirates are holding Barret.

Unfortunately, this area is full of enemies, and you can either kill everyone or use stealth to make your way toward the objective. If you enter combat, be careful of the several turrets in the camp. Besides shooting them with your gun, you can also deactivate the machines by accessing the computer on the second floor.

Matsura the Grim in Starfield.
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Once you’re inside the building, you must deal with the leader of the pirates, Matsura the Grim. You have four options: pay 4,000 Credits, persuade the man, ask Sarah to pay, or attack the pirates. Since I have Sarah as my companion, I decided to let her use Constellation’s fund to pay Matsura.

To complete the quest, you must return to the Lodge in New Atlantis. After Barrett is done examining the Artifact and chatting with other Constellation members, you can speak with the man to ask him to become your companion.

Besides recruiting Barrett, you can also get three other characters as your companions in Starfield. The first one to join you is Sarah Morgan, but you will also meet with Andreja and Sam Coe as you progress through the main story.

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