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How to Disable Turrets in Starfield

Where's the off switch on this thing? It just keeps shooting at me!

Do you know what are great? Turrets. Aren’t they just so fun? They shoot at you with abandon and don’t ever seem to want to stop. Well, sarcasm aside, if you’re like us you do want them to stop. So, here is how to disable those dastardly turrets in Starfield!

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Disabling Turrets in Starfield

Given that Starfield is all about the techy techy, turrets are usually deactivated by a nearby computer terminal. When you find the terminal you will need to log in and then choose the deactivate unit option from the prompts on screen.

Do bear in mind though, that not all turrets are connected to a computer. Some function on their own, and will just need a good old fashion dose of bullets to be taken out.

If you have played any other Bethesda properties such as the Fallout series, then you will most likely have encountered this kind of tactic before. Usually with a bit of environment scouring you can find the terminal needed to turn off the turrets, and be on your merry way.

Some are harder to find than others, however. So, just be patient and try to dodge the incoming hail of gunfire being aimed at you until you do. If, of course, you have searched and cannot seem to find a terminal to control, then the likelihood is that it is a rogue turret that you will have to face head on.

At least you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of a hacking mini game to get into the terminal. And just remember, you are the best that the cosmos has to offer. You can do this and we believe in you!

And that covers everything we know about disabling turrets in Starfield. Be sure to check out our other relevant guides down below to optimize your space-faring experience.

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